Rest In Peace

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Rest In Peace

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A good friend of mine lost his life yesterday in a brand new SeaMax Amphib. Kent Fuerring was the president of the East Hampton Pilot's Association, an advocate of the airport as well as an experienced pilot, father and close friend. In addition to being a pilot and being a partner in a Citabria 180 HP aircraft with fully inverted fuel and oil, a Beech Bonanza and the SeaMax, which he flew up from Florida when he and his partner took possession some 8 months ago, he held an Unlimited Tonnage Master's License and a TV Production company. At 57, he had everything going for him. He flew the SeaMax to New York from Miami with the factory instructor and logged 90 plus hours before this tragic day.

Early reports support the theory that one of the foldable wings, came off in flight, separated at about 1,000 feet over Three Mile Harboe, a few miles away from East Hampton Airport, where the plane was based and hangared, not requiring the folding wings to be used and probably then not inspected regularly.

Kent and I flew the plane together and yesterday morning he reached out to three of our mutual flying friends wanted to know if any of them wanted to go up with him. None of them were available and Kent lost his life alone, but did not take anyone else with him.

This was a new 2022 SeaMax with the foldable wing option. We should all take to heart that we are flying planes that are come 60 or more years old and that maintenance and inspection are a must.

Here is Kent and I just a month ago in the SeaMax, practicing Glassy Water Landings

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